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The release of AD4 breathed some needed life into this game for me. I was very impressed with how much fun it was to be able to use a prestiged party (role cards) and how polished the game felt. I experienced very few bugs and none of which were game-breaking. Most of them simply required going to the main menu and then choosing continue. That said, I would really like AD5 and AD6 to be released sometime this year. For those who know of me, I've been very vocal with how long it took for AD4 to be released. Let's hope it doesn't come to that again.


If Obsidian is reading this, an estimated date for AD5 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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If deck five comes out in weeks which is to say more than one week and less than one month I'll eat my hat. I'll be pleasantly surprised, but the devs haven't exactly been quick to release the last couple of ADs. It will be nice if they do, though, since expeditious work without attendant bugs might just mean they're getting a good hang of programming the card workings, which means we may just see more Adventure Paths. That would be worth making a meal of my hat.


What the hell, we'll call it more than one week and less than two months. If we count weeks thusly, they might just pull it off!

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