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Buried treasure Disappeared



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... but have never seen it on my game.

This is what you should be able to see... [From an iPhone; iOS 10, PF 1.1.4, USA].  I'd give it try, but I seriously have more gold/treasure chests than I know what to do with right now.



Edit: Forgot to mention I'm in the US, in the event that the reason some people can't see it is a regional thing (which I strongly suspect isn't the case).  Probably some other sort of sync issue...

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Definitely odd.  For what it's worth, I didn't think PlayFab cared about geolocation/regions until you start needing custom servers (regional PVP, multiplayer, whatever...).  Everyone should be getting the same special offers off the server regardless of where they are.


Whether or not the app is having a brainfart trying to display it, well, that's probably something separate.

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