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Are White March events needed to play Pillars 2 in order to avoid plot incoherences?

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Hello guys. I haven´t played The White March expansion. I'd like to ask you if you know if, in PoE 2 will appear events related to White March history. I don't like to play a game with incoherences in its plot, whatching my lead character (from PoE1) in PoE2 talking about his experience in the White March when, in my case, he never was there.


Thanks in advance

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I really can't imagine you'd be playing the same character in PoE2, few RPG games adopt that kind of continuity because each character people play usually has a different temperament and it would require save checking and the like from the previous game to keep it consistent. Plus not everyone who plays PoE2 will have played PoE1, especially if Tyranny broadens the fan base. If there is going to be a mention of the PoE1 protagonist, then they'll likely just refer to the Watcher of Caed Nua rather than have them in the game - so in that case you might have some of their exploits from the expansions spoiled for you. They may not even want the player as a Watcher in PoE2, they could be special in a different way or perhaps not even special at all - it's not like you're playing a Dovahkiin in every TES game.


In terms of the events of White March, I could see some of them getting a mention. Without really giving much away, the outcome of Durgan's Battery itself might get a mention and also in the second half the Aedyr Empire and Dyrwood butt heads a little again - but I'd be pretty surprised if the specifics surrounding the WM part II ending were really delved into.


What I'm trying to say is, no I wouldn't worry about it.

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