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When cornered, Galenmir doesn't roll 1d6 to check if undefeated



The boss of 4-2, Galenmir. Scenario power is "when you defeat a Giant, roll 1d6; on 1, the Giant is undefeated".


Playing solo Seoni, I had already closed Mountain Peak and Forbidden Cave. I encountered and beated Galenmir in the Giant Lair (so he was cornered).


After I beat the check, the scenario immediately loaded the victory cutscene, without rolling 1d6 to check if the villain is undefeated; however, I could hear a rolling die in the background as the cutscene loaded - I can only assume the 1d6 is rolled, but as the end sequence is already triggered - the die result is disregarded.


Companion issue: I have previously reported the exact same thing happening, when the Skinsaw Man is defeated in the Desecrated Vault; I assume the fix for both issues will be similar.

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I've noticed a lot of similar situations, where the game seems to be trying to do several things at the same time. The game sort of rushes along and some of the checks/damage/extra effects just get sort of glossed over and disgarded. Sometimes it is beneficial to the player, but sometimes it skips things like abilities that can activate at the end of a character's turn. All in all, it seems to be a problem with the way the game handles phases and timing. If two things are considered to have the same timing, it's a toss-up which one happens and if the other will happen at all.

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