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AARGH! It crashes constantly!



I'm playing on my iPod, version 9.3.5. It can consistently load, and I can log into GameCenter, and it displays my ID. I've been trying to finish a game literally for days because I can usually only play on my lunch break at work, and a lot of the time I can't even do one move before the black screen of sadness appears. If I need to roll for the number of items from a chest, it crashes. If it needs to display a different card because it needs to know if I'd like to recharge something, it crashes. If it's Ezren's turn, it crashes. Especially if it's Ezren's turn. I feel like the crashes are happening more frequently, but it was just Ezren's turn and so I can't really be sure if it's the game or the new update's seething hatred for old wizards. He's been trying to discard down to his hand size since Tuesday. No exaggeration. One time it has gone so far as to crash before the game even loaded and the location where I left off was displayed.


Since I don't see dozens of other posts like this, I assume it's just me. Suggestions?



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Last patch also ruined the party for me - I used to have occasional crashes every now and then, but now it reached the 'unplayable' stage.


Will have to wait for the Steam release, and play something else in the meantime...





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What version of ipad?

When I was on ipad mini 1st gen is crashed all the time, so much I gave up and got an android emulator for my laptop.

Now I have upgraded to an ipad mini 4th gen and it runs like a dream.

The ram and cpu on your device is REALLY important for smooth game play.


Playing with

iPad mini 4th Gen iOS 10.3.3

Primary party


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