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Does Skeleton Horde really triggers location closing?



Playing 4-4

6 player




Ezren encounters the Skeleton Horde skirmish card at the Thassilonian Dungeon

All party at different location banishes their Ancient Skeletons

AI gave me the options if I want to close the location and so I did. One of the Centaur villain was in the location deck and got left.


It triggered before previous patches from me but not consistently, thats why I need a clarification.

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It is a known bug. Summoned henchmen should never allow you to close a location (the wording is "...attempt to close the location this henchman came from" (or somesuch) and summons don't come from a location deck).

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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