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10/3 AD 4 Issues



So far I've noticed an issue with Seoni and Flask of Force. Instead of letting her recharge the card, she can only discard or bury. Also, random times where a card I am viewing gets stuck in the middle of my screen. I have a screenshot of the Seoni issue but it is too large to upload.

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Ezren and the Wand of Enervation

Wand of Enervation is meant to be d4 + 4 if the user has Arcane skill. The three times Ezren has used the wand in AD4, it has been rolling  2d4 instead :(


Wand of Enervation and Swipe difficulty decrease not cumulative. When Ezren uses the wand (rolled 6) and Lini uses swipe (-3), on a Giant henchman (16) only ended up with 13 instead of 7 (16-6-3)

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Playing with

iPad mini 4th Gen iOS 10.3.3

Primary party


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I think Kyra's heal when beating an undead monster doesn't work at all.

I just encountered that problem. It is even a progression break, since after selecting heal I cannot do or click anything, just aborting the app :-(

Probably will have to play the scenario again...

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