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Story Mode Party - Box is Black (no characters) and won't continue






I was playing for a while and left the game open.  When I came back the system has rebooted and now when relaunching I cannot continue.  Going to Story button shows the party but with no characters.  Only a black box where they should be and a '.'


If you give me a support email I can email you a screenshot.


thanks for the support.  I bought the full bundle but have lost all progress now.

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Interestingly if I start a new party, I can see the experienced characters with their full decks listed in them...


However, I still have an empty party in the Story page with no characters and just a '.' in it for the scenario.


It seems I can progress with the experienced characters in a new party and I think I'm not loosing anything there, but would be interesting to know what happened and if it can be repaired.  Might also help isolate a bug, to prevent confusion or scared users or quality concerns in the future, because the port of the card game to android is really really good.  Would hate little things like this to scare people off or give bad word of mouth.

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