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Setting up Teams

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So basically i would like to know, if you where to set up the story companions in to 3 groups (4, 4 and 3) how would you divide them up.


and the main character will be selected by what ever each team is missing (as i find every class to be interesting).


In BG this was easy, you just pick team good guys, team Bad guys or the hilariously bad team neutral.


Not so easy in PoE. 


so you can use any criteria you want,(lore,personalities, synergy, power gaming).

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I'd say definitely put Eder, Pallegina, and Maneha into one team... Those who actually were Soldiers.

I also love the synergy between Kana and Aloth, but I don't know who else to put in that team... Maybe Zahua (cause Philosopher...).

And then we obviously have the "madmen" Hivarias and Devil.

I don't really know where to put grieving mother though... Or durance (maybe to the soldiers, or to the intellectuals, I'm torn)

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Team 1: Edér, Aloth and Sagani. They have a good chemistry with each other and I can believe that they would fight for each other (Edér and Sagani are team mom and Aloth is their little boy, they defend).

Team 2: Pallegina, Durance and Grieving Mother. Powerful enough and Pallegina is one of the only persons that can Durance command to shut up. And I think that Grieving Mother would feel safe around her.


Team 3: Kana Rua, Hiravias and Maneha. They all have the same sense of humor and would enjoy the company of each other. 



Team 4: Zahua and the Devil, because I don't know were to fit them elsewhere. They are a bit crazy, maybe they can work something out. Or take Durance with them.

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The Muscly Club: Edér, Pallegina, Zahua, Maneha.  Pretty self-explanatory, I think.


Team Sanity Slippage: Aloth, The Devil, Durance, Grieving Mother. Because, let's face it: GM is as nutty as a fruitcake too. (Also, yours truly will soon be an eligible Team member is she does not succeed in killing Concelhaut in the next few hundred of tries.)


Live and Let Die Live Squad: Kana, Sagani, Hiravias. These dudes are just, y' know... chill. Yes, they all have their personal issues too, but hey: take it easy, bro! Sing a song, eat a deer jerky, roll in the grass... *Shrugs* just live and let live, man!

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