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Skill Checks and Dice-Based Difficulty Bumps



Three times now, when a character encounters a villain whose check to defeat is increased by a dice roll and Lini attempts to temporarily close a location, the result of her check to close is added to the difficulty of the villain. Most recently, this resulted in a DC 37 check to defeat the Skinsaw Man.



Device: Android Droid Razor X

Version: Android 4.4.4

Mode: Story

Pass and Play: No

Permadeath: Yes

Party: Lini (at Foxglove Manor) -> Valeros (at Warrens)

First Encounter: Yes

Abilities Used: Wild Warden Lini's Superior Animal Trick

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No, but similar to other dice based difficulty bleeding bugs. And there has been guite Many of them. Normally it has been about villain bonus added to summoned bane.

But yep, this is first time (I think?j when hero roll bleeds to bane check.

But I have a funny feeling that linis d4 has bleeded even before... but not sure of that...

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