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Playing Valeros and Amiri.

First bane: Specter. No magic, cannot defeat.  Also scenario spawns another monster.

Second bane: Siren.  Insuff wisdom, cannot defeat.  Also scenario spawns another monster. No blessings in hand. 

Third bane: Shadow. No magic, cannot defeat.  Also scenario spawns another monster.

4th bane: Boss, spawns another monster, spawns Sinspawn, which spawns another monster. 

Boss fled to Location that does 2 mental which cannot be reduced when you draw a blessing. Drew 3 in a row. No armor to banish/bury.

Forfeited at this point. 

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Those two characters don't pair especially well. Generally, you want to balance Str/Melee characters with Dex/Ranged characters with Divine characters with Arcane characters to cover your basis. If you are only using one category, you are increasing the challenge for yourself significantly at times! That said, I like the challenge of using them together. The situation  you describe is particularly rough and it happens sometimes when you go with a magic-free crew.

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