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Bug: Role unlock & power feat unlock



Quest mode with party of 6. Kyra leveled up to 31 while Seela leveled from 13 to 15. After choosing a role for Kyra I switched to Seela but the power feat screen is blank. I tried restarting and going back into quest mode as well as tapping all around the screen but it's the same outcome. I can't even start a new quest as it always takes me back to the scenario complete screen.


Using an android phone: LG G4. Took screenshots as well.

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PFID - 1171BDA7431F0A2F

Playing on a iPad Mini 2


Ok so I was trying again this morning at getting past the card reward part with Ezren that goes flying up off the screen(sorry if wrong thread, I have no idea how to use a forum but I started here so may as well finish now) and looked in the settings and changed it to mobile phone instead of tablet just to see and the card still goes flying up off the screen but you can just see the bottom corner of the card making it able just to be touched and no more allowing me to continue on...all that for some rubbish armour!!!


I dunno if this will help anyone else

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