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Two devices, two accounts?

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I've been playing on a tablet, on which I've bought the Runelords bundle, the daily gold offer and s loss of gold for chests, but I was wondering about also downloading to my phone.


So, would I be able to pick up my progress and continue on the second device? Or would I need to purchase and play on a completely different account, buying the bundles again?


Also, if anyone had played on a phone screen (Samsung S6), does it work ok or is it two small in general to be satisfactory.



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I use a Galaxy Tab A and Nexus 5x. The story mode is synchronised so long as i complete a mission. My quest mode characters are mostly accessible between devives. I have used that fact in the past when i have hit progression breaks. I rename different versions of the same character to help this. I haven't experimented too much though, but generally it sync's if i complete a senario on one device, and close the app through the game menu rather than the device screen toggle (not sure correct terms) . You just need to be sure you are logged into the same Google Playgames account with each device though. Hope that helps.

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Some players with phone say there is a limitation to read the location description and active powers box on the left (you have to tap to expand it every time you need to read it). But developers said they are working to make reversible with the previous interface by players choice in next update. Then a lot of players play several devices (tablet, phone, emulator on pc) without problems as Hannibal said. I don't know what happen between one account on iOS and one account on Android for sync. But perhaps no one knows...  :facepalm:

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