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Merisiel and Collapsed Ceiling?

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Have burglar, thieves' tools in hand.  Both are highlighted. Neither one may be played.  Selecting them zooms in and no action (discard, reveal) is available.  If the cards are useless why are they highlighted?  Changing skills (acro to dex, for example) has no effect.   Also the tools are supposed to be discardable for barriers <=11.  The ceiling has diff 8.  But again you cannot discard. 


You have to roll Meri's base dice only.  No other option are available, other than evade. 



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Sometimes UI gets inconsistent.. in those cases you can try to reload the interface (entering Vault or main menu before reloading the current game).

If the issue is persistent, you probably have to abort the current scenario (and sometimes dismiss the party before rebuild a new one with the same characters)..

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