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Double reveal, Magic Shield and Cat ally

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Forgive me if i just don’t understand the game mechanics correctly, but am i supposed to be able to reveal the magic shield, then reveal it again once it is in the reveal position, for a total reduction of 4 damage. In the same vein, when revealing the Cat ally to boost recharge of spells by 2, are you also supposed to be able to reveal it again once in the reveal position on screen, for a total boost of 4 to recharge a spell with 1 ally? Forgive me if i don't get it, or is it a bug/exploit. Just seems like cheating and against the one card per card type per check rule. Ta me

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It also makes a ring of protection better than any armor, in fact, you can reveal it more then twice, you can reveal it 14 times to take away 14 damage if you want... but once you know about it, its so hard not to use it even though it's completely overpowered and unbalanced...

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