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Can I pull my characters from savegame file but remove progression break



Just a question to the wizards out there. Has anyone found a way to extract ones characters from the savegame file, remove whatever Scenario is being played, like that's stuck in a progression break, then replace it in the data file so that a progression break doesn't stuff up your stored characters, just one mission. I don't know enough to even try. Thanks

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In another thread firestormkirby gave this solution to restarting back at manage party screen when progressjon break stops you in your tracks. It works too, bypassjng the frozen scenarion. Thanks to firestorm kirby


Since you are on Android, you can go and "Edit" the character files by adding an extra feat, this will cause the game to boot you back to the manage party page. The extra feat won't be added and you should be able to start a new party. For quest characters, I believe the file location is in folder 99.

This saves needing to pull out characters from the save game. Again thanks go to firestormkirby

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