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Help. New progression break



New game freeze. Ezren in apothacary, plays the ally that says "banish to draw an ally from your discard pile". This brings up discard pile cards with ally highlingted with light arounx border, but unable to draw. Worst though is unable to do anything. Can't forfeit, can't go to vault... nothing. Tried restart, tried delete cache and restart. Nothing. Is there any way to retain all my characters? I have tried to save the savegame file and replace it after reinstalling game with another progression break, but no go. I don't want to waist hours again using second device to rebuild parties.


Galaxy tab a


No idea of PFID# can't find in settings

Party Lini, Harsk, Seelah, Valerous, Ezren alll around 36-38


Don't want to lose them


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Mate try to install in your pc an Android emulator (BlueStacks works very well with the new patch).

Set your Google account, then install app and launch. In settings you'll read your PFID#

With the new patch Quest data are stored in the cloud too I noticed, so devs can read them and probably find a way to help you in few days.


If you have an old backup of game data you could try to override the local data and try to play offline a scenario, then reconnect online to refresh the data in the cloud. It's just a possibility, but you can try.

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