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Changes on some dice

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Fixes for some dice textures: Cinnabar, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Pale Sun and Marigold

Sky Metal Blue has been renamed to Aquamarine

Opal has been renamed to Marigold

Hematite has been renamed to Pale Sun


Hello, everyone!


I know it's very, very minor, but I noticed one of my dice skin changed with the latest patch - I had a character with the black and evil-looking Hematite skin replaced by the vanilla-colored Pale Sun (so they have been renamed *and* re-colored). A question: does anyone have images of the other dice that were changed? I wonder what the Sky Metal and Opal used to be (and whatever happened to Cinnabar and Lapis Lazuli)...





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Sky Metal was a bright dark blue, Opal was a pinkish-purpleish color.  Lapis was somewhat magenta, and I think cinnabar was somewhat yellowy.


Cinnabar and Lapis actually got "fixed" because they should have been displayed as dark blue and reddish in the first place.


The dice designer actually posted a comment a little while ago that they were having troubles getting things to display correctly on different devices.

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We had to change some of the dice because they were not rendering correctly on some devices (leaving us with some very negative feedback). The improper rendering was a more wide-spread problem than originally thought. I made the call to replace Hematite (intended as a dark shiny metallic color, but rendered as solid black on many devices) with a light glowing yellow/green because all the problem dice were changed into glowing dice to give them more visibility.


I would like to revisit the metal dice (e.g. Hematite, Sky Metal Blue) because I really do love how they looked, when they rendered properly.

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Surprised at how excited I was when I got a bunch of new dice.  Not so much for the multiples, but Lapis Lazuli (which makes me think of the egg in Zork) and Outsider most of all.  Truly, there's a bunch of great new dice.  I never saw hematite, so I can't miss it.  Aquamarine looks splendid, tho.  Know some people complained about the dice in the chests, but I enjoy the dice.

As a bear in winter, so must I too hibernate soon.

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