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How the colored dice could be more interesting

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Hi there,


Just thought that the colored dice would be more fun if they kept the color of the character responsible for them. Better explaining:


- As it is today, all dice rolled by the characters are always the same color (default blue or as assigned by the player). If another character helps on their rolls (with a blessing, ability, weapon or spell), this is not reflected on the color of the dice.


- What I propose is that the dice keep the color of the character who played the card (or used the ability) that originated them.


So, let's say Ezren uses blue dice, Valeros red dice and Kyra orange dice. Ezren and Valeros are together at a location, Kyra is away. Ezren explores and finds a monster, deciding to attack it with a Lightning Touch spell; Valeros helps automatically with a d4 and Kyra decides to help with a blessing. So Ezren would roll a blue d12, an orange d12 (Kyra's blessing), two blue d4 and a red d4 (Valeros's support), instead of rolling only blue d12s and d4s...


That would become even more interesting once multiplayer is fully implemented!


Best regards!



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