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Question: Daily Gold rewards



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Not a kind, but ofcourse there is that 24h limit, that will cause limit. I am not sure if you can walk to anyone of will in this, but I really supose that not.

Are you talking about the challenge? No not that.


What i mean is can i only get 5k gold per day if i grind on legendary? I remember earlier during my vacation i think i grinded 10k just to unlock the chracter package with Amiri and rest.


Scratch above..i get what your saying..so there is actually no cap. Right? Thats what you're saying?

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There is no known cap on daily gold.



Someone is saying it.


Can you link us to this person so we know exactly what they are saying?

Sorry can't. As it might be perceive offensive. I was just verifying it and now close to 6k gold and hoping to hit the limit as I can't cncentrate on binge-watching Stranger Things. I'm getting close to 750g per episode though..not counting the gps on banes, location closing and salvage cards.


Still can't decide if its a good thing or a bad thing.

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