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Why are patched beneficial bugs not in the patch notes?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Augury was bugged for the longest time, with several different bugs, first was using it on other locations, and then resetting the game to the casters turn and allowing infiite movement. But now it is working as intended.


Lini could recharge/discard and animal for its power, then cancel it, use animal trick on the animal for the d4+x and then use its power again. The d4+x would cancel and Animal trick would reset, using the power again would bring back the animal from the deck/discard and add the d4+x in addition to the animals power, so you could effectively use an animal's power for free while keeping it in your hand.


Those were the two I noticed on the recent patch. There were several other small ones that got patched away in previous patches that I cannot remember, but I know they weren't in the patch notes.

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