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So i read sometimes ago somewhere that someone used whisper of treason + charming item ( psichic spiral, munarca arret) on a pala, because sworn enemy added +15 accuracy and helped hit or crit with charm.

I tester it also with oter char ( solo ):


- overall: apparently worked with wood Elf racial/ +5 acc talent for distante enemies, but not both togheter (you get only +5 acc for foes >5m, not 10, conveniently the charm range is 7m)



+ it gains bonus from the infiltrator bound ( +10 acc when attacking same target of animali companion)

+ You have an animal companion for tanking

+ Twinned arrows and stun shot and guided flight make a very good combo, with sabra marie lot of people get confused

- twin arrow suppress gallant focus

- you are very fragile

- everytime you confuse someone and he become "friendly", both ranger and companion stop attacking. This is a Very bad thing because if you hit charmed enemies the charm effect disappear, while hitting confused ones don't change confuse status, so you basically get free hits. Very micro-intensive



+ reckless assalult WORK with charm and work togheter with gallant focus, giving +12 accuracy togheter

+ Shadowing beyond is a great escaping tool

+ Some attacks can inflict weakened status that gives -20 to will, so is like +20 more acc for us

- same as ranger



To do: test if dirty fighting works with charm too ( i suppose yes )

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Jojobo(bo?) did that thing with Sworn Eneny + mind control.

I tested this approach with a wood elf fighter with disciplined barrage - that almost always results in crits with Munacra Arret. The Whisper spell itself has +10 ACC, Disciplined Barrage adds +20. I like that. I'm currently doing a playthrough with a Tall Grass fighter offtank with all the mind control items and scrolls who stands behind the front line with Defender + Hold the Line + Overbearing Guard + Take the Hit - dropping foes who want to run past the front line while "taking the hits" for the main tanks while healing himself and others with Shod-in-Faith and Constant Recovery and potions of Infuse and so on. The mind control just adds some nice active options to this otherwise very low micro char.


I like your approach with a ranger, too. There are some nice synergies. Would be so nice if there was an animal companion that could confuse once/encounter - like a Raven vor something like that. :)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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