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Characters Hitting Themselves for No Reason



So I thought this was some Mechanic I wasn't familiar when I posted this thread in general discussion (no spoilers): https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88361-what-happened-character-hit-himself-mechanic/

The first time was against Skuldr Welps, Skuldr and Skuldr King.

Then it happened again: http://imgur.com/5C4hSpP (01)

Verses Spear Spiderlings, Spear Spiders, Ivory Spiderlings and Ivory Spinners.

Characters are just hitting themselves for no reason.

Here is my character's position: http://imgur.com/nd50v31 (04)

I ran my character away, switched weapon then told the character to use Second Wind (which was used as you can see in the log). Then he hits himself. This is very different to what happened the first time where I told my Druid to transform and then attack the Skuldr King (however, my druid was low on Endurance - hence knocks himself out - so I might have used Second Wind at some point but then issued the transform command instead, just saying it could have something to do with Second Wind targetting the character).


Here's the rest of the combat log: http://imgur.com/a/99eoB (02) and http://imgur.com/a/iHuBw (03)

If there's a reason this is happening that I'm not aware of then someone please let me know :)

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Hmm, there definitely isn't a reason they should be doing that that I can see, no. It is somewhat reminiscent of this bug, though I don't know whether it related: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88092-psychic-backlash-bug-cipher-use-it-on-himself-at-the-begining-of-battle/. Did this happen just these two times, or has it happened more regularly? And do you know, was this a regular Arbalest attack, but 'just' targetting himself? Ie. did he go into recovery and reloading afterwards?


Anyway, it might just be an issue with a game file in your installation that's off. If you have Steam you could try running the Validate Game Files option. I would also suggest that you repost this / ask a moderator to move this to the main Technical Support forum above this one. This forum is actually just for the patch beta updates, and since there isn't a beta at the moment I don't know how often the devs check here.

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Ah, I heard the arbalest attack sound go off when he hit himself, pretty sure he just attacked himself normally. Unfortunately I didn't wait to see if he was reloading the shot.

It has definitely happened a few other times but I was either too pre-occupied or wasn't thinking to post a bug report about it.

Ahk, thanks for the info about the beta and tech support. I'll give the validate game files a try.

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