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What happened? Character Hit Himself Mechanic?

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Just wondering what actually happened in this fight: http://imgur.com/FyV487q

I don't have "King Skuldr" in my beastiary - just Skuldr and Skuldr Welp so I don't know if they have some ability that causes a character to hit himself but just wanted to know if someone knows what happened.

Also, is there a way to enable extra information in fights such as rolls being made etc? Couldn't find anything in the Settings Menus (maybe there should be an option/options).

Transformed, instantly 1 shot myself and the King Skuldr apparently.

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Hmm, not sure what happened there. You do have Skuldr Kings in the last bit of the Eothas temple there, though only on Hard and PotD probably. It doesn't get its own bestiary entry, the don't always do; it's just beefed up version of the regular Skuldr though.


You can get more info from the combat log by hovering your mouse cursor over an entry, this gives a small pop-up window with all sorts of extra info on that entry. Sometimes a larger number of joined events (for example the Consecrated Ground event in your screenshot) are merged into a single line, if you click on this it will expand to a full list of the underlying events (which you can again hover over if you want their full individual details).

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That seems obvious. I was wondering if someone actually knew of an ability or an item in the game that causes damage to reflect like that because I'm not aware of one. There's an armour that reflects 10% of ranged attacks, some shields that reflect grazes/ranged attacks, riposte (which should work differently? haven't used it yet) and Arcane Reflection for spells but nothing that reflects hits or crits? Maybe I missed it but I couldn't see any Skuldr King activates xxxxxxxx or Skuldr King casts xxxxxxxx that'd cause a character to hit himself in the logs otherwise I wouldn't have asked here.

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Hi there,


I recently have almost the same issue, but it causes in beginning of almost all (maybe even all) battles to render my main protagonist, useless, since he is stunned.

Cipher's Psychic Backlash triggers after my own guy hits himself, so in the end he stuns himself, it seems as if he tries to hurt himself but his instinctive self-defense mechanism make him to stop;]



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It is a known bug, wait for 3.04 patch which should be released... Any year now. In the meantime, you can respec at inns, get rid of the offending ability and continue playing. But that's not much of a solution really, just a workaround.


... That's weird, I feel like I've had this conversation today. Hm.

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