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Loss of experience points when in The Pit

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Once in The Pit, there are a lot of points to be  earned as the final quests are completed on the way to kill Thaos. However it appears there is no way out of the pit. There is the option to go back to the "pre endgame save" but that means the experience points earned from these final quests can not be carried forward to White March 1. Is this right or am I missing something here. Can you use a ladder?!! I do not have one or else I would have tried!


Many thanks


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Going into the Pit is a one-way street, you can't go back (without using the Console, anyway). The White March expansions aren't intended as something you do after the main game, they get added in and you go there in parallel to/alternating with the main game content.

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Thanks Loren. How about a ladder!? Is there a route via the Console then? Not quite sure of the logic of being given a "Boon" (Skaen) at the end of the game if there is no way  to benefit from it.

You realize you are jumping in a pit so deep that without the spirits helping your fall it would be instant death on impact right?  Also, you are jumping in.  A ladder was never on the table.


As for the boon, no one says you can't get to this point of the story then walk away.  You can push the story and still have a crap ton of content left to play.  It is on the player if they choose to leave the story content for dead last.

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That's a little bit like saying "can I use the XP I get from killing the final boss on this side quest". I think the God's boon at the end was meant to be more of an RP gesture, and something to count for the final battle. You can console and teleport away from the pit if that's what you want. Or if it's XP you care about you can just cheat yourself XP.


You'd be fine if you didn't bother. POE's always been criticised for giving you too much XP, and White March hands out XP by the bucket. 

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