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Shadow Step bug



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Hey Apoca1976,


I'm trying to reproduce this on my end with no luck. My Devil's Shadow Step is working as intended. The 'Modal' highlight is a minor graphics issue that will happen if you do not optionally end Shadow Step. Which will go away the next time you use Shadow Step.


- Sking

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There is no click sound but when I'm moving the pointer around I'm actually clicking the ground trying to move the party.

Clicking a party member or a monster while everyone is selected casts shadow steps and fix it for that fight.


After casting Shadow Step the next fight the pointer glitches and it's not possible to control the party:
-clicking the ground doesn't move the party.

-clicking a portrait doesn't switch party member.
-clicking directly a party member in the world switches to that one - sometimes. Unless it is Devil/Everyone selected, clicking a companion/monster doesn't cast Shadow Step, and doesn't allow to attack.

Savegame and Output_log.txt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrzdncyg08moyt8/PillarsOfEternity_pointer%20glitch.7z?dl=0
In the zip file:
Test 0 - before casting Shadow Step
Test 1 - after casting Shadow Step

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