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How to kill Adra Dragon

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What is your party composition? What is the level of difficulty? On normal and hard I did this:




I didn't bring my party too close to her. As soon as the battle begun, I used as many buffs as possible, including a scroll of defense. Except for one character that used one of the figurines to distract the enemies.

Keep summoning more figurines as dragon fodder and hope that somebody survives to resurrect the others.




Edit: I was at level 13.


This is near the beginning of the battle for my hard playthrough:




Notice that the shades and beetles are closer to the dragon than my party.






Here you can see what buffs I had on my barbarian (WM character spoilers). And also the maximum damage my party took (this was my second try. On the first she killed too many people so I decided to try again with all I had. I don't remember exactly why this time was so much easier. Maybe she got interrupted...):








You should also use all the resting bonus, brothel, food, drinks, etc as possible.



My first try (with almost no buffs and the party going all melee :banghead: ):








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Keep in mind the Ardra dragon is hard even for a dragon.  I only found the Ice Dragon harder on PotD.  Here are some general tips:


  1. Most importantly, one of the nastiest abilities she has is a dragon fear aura.  Keep protection from fear up (lvl 1 priest), or similar abilities.  If it hits, it lowers accuracy by 20 and then no one is hitting her easily.
  2. This is one of the few fights where you need a heavily armored main tank.  Draw aggro with a tank, and swing either the dragon or your party around so you are attacking her side, NOT the front or back.  Breath will mega kill your party, and tail whip isn't nice either.
  3. Status effects are cumulative in PE, so the main difficulty is getting the first one to land.  Walls and characters with status effect AoEs are very helpful here, because they keep ticking.  Once she gets hit, load on effect after effect, basically causing a cascading fail in her defenses.
  4. Scrolls of resurrect are your friend.  Basically, bad luck happens, and you need a way to quickly recover.
  5. Mind control works on her as well as her minions.  Cyphers and Wizards can lead to the enemy tanking each other for you.
  6. You do not have to fight her the first time around, you can talk your way out of it and then meet a dragon hunter who teaches you a special move.
  7. Swing around the bottom and engage the kobolds  xaurips first; you can clean out many of them before she reaches you.  Keep your least useful character for this fight on xaurip duty.
  8. I found it easier to occupy the dragon and take down the Adragans first.
  9. You want weapons with high damage for this fight, NOT necessarily high DPS.  Her armor is shedding most of the damage you put out per attack, so lighter weapons like hunting bows won't really hurt her.  When I beat her the first time on PotD, Sagani could not hit her with Stormcaller; her armor was too thick.
  10. Dragons are beasts, which means beast-slayer enchantments could help.


Hope that helps!

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Use the scrolls:


- valour to increase accuracey

- remove fear

- scroll of protection

- and the big one: scroll of paralysing


The whole idea is to get you accuracy up high enough so the paralysing scrolls will hit so the dragon can't get its breath weapon off.


Potions of major endurance help enormously to and that's and under statement.

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Thanks guys.


I better equipped my team. Got durance into the unique arquebus, I took the chanter Kana (removed my self-made rogue).... killed Adra Dragon after 3 tries.


I had Eder distract the dragon, my team killed all the minions around.... than spammed all the summons possible, boosted some stats and just spammed attack magic, ranged, chanter summons, some heals.


Took her down in 2 minutes.... lvl 13 my team.


Now, I can finally start White March


My difficulty is normal

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