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Brackenbury Portuguese translation

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Haven't played the game enough to know much of the context, but isn't that a surname?


You will probably stumble across a bunch of those anglo saxon derived names and terms, I think invented by Mr. Sawyer.

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^bury can also mean to 'cover' - "He was buried under rubble, but the firemen managed to dig him out'

So 'Fern-covered' would work too.


On the other hand - I wouldn't translate names ("Ta qu Beijing le" in Chinese(pinyin)) would be "He went to Beijing" in English)


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In the context of a place/city, I think this 'bury' is probably the '-bury' suffix (rather than the verb 'to bury'). Think Woodbury, Salisbury, Waterbury, Canterbury. It's like 'borough' (think 'Hillsborough'). Also 'burg' (Hamburg, Pittsburgh, ... Undead Burg). The suffix just means a 'fort' or 'fortified place'.

Most importantly though, think of Cadbury


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As Piesnatcher says, it wouldn't have anything to do with burying people. In Portuguese/Spanish, burgo would be the translation, since both come from the same root burg


So whatever ferns is in Portuguese + burgo would work. 

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