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Recruiting Durance breaks party switching. Restart Pillars to fix.



Recruit Durance at Magran's Statue

He didn't join party and now I have 5 party members

Durance appears looking like a ghost maybe 20m south of the statue
Go to Caed Nua or an inn
Switching party members no longer works, I am stuck with this party

Load another game - bug persists - switching party members does not work

Quit and Restarting Pillars fixes it


Another attempt - 


Recruit Durance, save, then quit and restart pillars, load

Now Durance is able to join the party

Go to Caed Nua. Durance is also in the hall. I can make him talk to himself

Switch Durance out of party. Now there are two Durances in the hall on top of each other, you notice this when one of them swings his staff and it's out of sync with the other's staff.

Switch Durance back into party. Doesn't work, I have a party of 5 again and party switching is broken. 





I am level 8. Durance sometimes looks like he's level 8, and sometimes level 5.


Win7 x64

3.03.1047 -steam 

output_log is here: http://pastebin.com/gxte1JBN

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Looks like the same problem as the Hiravias / group change bug. The log file shows errors when loading Litany against Minor Afflictions, which is a level 4 Priest spell from WM2 (which I gather you don't have). It was created in the 3.03 update, hopefully they'll push out a fix for it soon.

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Durance seems even more bugged.


When i (finally) picked him up, he did the whole talk and agreed to join me at which point i swapped Sagani out. Suddenly my team is 5 people.


I look at the map and Durance is in the dead center of Magran's Fork and i talk to him again, he again agrees to join my party but doesn't. Through this chat i rotate Sagani into the party and him out at which point he disappears.


In Caed Nau i go to the hall and there he is dead center, talk to him again and again he says he jions, but doesn't. So i rotate him out (again) and continue.


Later on, i rotate him in to see if all the time between (and various game restarts) help, he agrees to join my party and DOES.


But now he says he can level up, but i cannot level him up. His first upgrade is choosing for "Missing Spells 1*", but i cannot choose it and move on to the next part of leveling up.


So without leveling up i take him into the dungeons at Caed Nau and soon find out i cannot control what he does, none of the spells can be clicked, but i CAN give him items and change his weapons.


In the end i moved him out again because a priest without spell control is a very weak melee.


The game is up to date to today and i hope it can be fixed retroactively since i moved along quite a bit.

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