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Lem & Versatility - Broken or User Error?

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So Lem the Bard has the power to swap a card of the same type from his hand for one in his discard pile. I can't get it to work and I need my heals!!


  • I click the ability.
  • Then I pick a card and discard it.
  • Then the discard pile opens up.
  • The correct card is lit up.
  • I click it and it enlarges.
  • That's it.

How do I get the card into my hand?

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You don't want to click it so it enlarges.

Instead you want to drag it into you hand.


The interface is very finicky about this. Sometimes the card disappears, and I have to hit the cancel X and try the whole thing again. But it always works for me in then end.


If the card disappears, it is actually still there, just invisible!  If you drag from the empty spot where it was, it will reappear.

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