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Best balance for treasure chest card

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I'm trying to find the best balance between the story decks and the treasure chest cards.


Right now I have:

3 of each weapons

3- 4 spells (4 most being offense wizard spells and divine aid spells)

2-3 Armor

3 items

3 Allies

4 Blessing



I'm try to prevent unbalance the games with too much of a good thing.


Any thoughts?

Still wait for Patch Banana Bundle :getlost:

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I'm saving 4 of each that I have.

Maybe 3 is a better number?

But remember, that's for all of your characters.


I been look at the adventure deck and look that 3 is good for certain things. I just try to match the deck evenly. Yes, I would like the best for my team but have everyone have OP stuff could unbalance the game.

Still wait for Patch Banana Bundle :getlost:

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1.  3 may be fine for weapons/armor unless you have 6 fighters in your party.


2.  Items on the other hand are different.  Some items are beneficial to all types of characters AND each character can have multiple of that item.  3 or 4 will not be enough in this case. 

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