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All of my attacks are misses (Guardian of Od Nua)





I believe I am having the same issue as this person: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86936-guardian-of-od-nua/


I've been trying to kill the guardian for a while now and every time all of my group's attacks seem to be misses on it. The other mobs around him go down smoothly, it's just the big guy that seems to be having this issue. Granted, this is my first playthrough and there might be another reason for this.


Wasn't sure if I should've just necroed the old thread by posting in it or make a new one, so apologies if this was a bad move.



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It could be defense stacking, or it could be normal defenses that your party can't penetrate. What readings do you get on the guardian's defense values?

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