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Guardian of Od Nua



I'm on the 13th floor of Od Nua and I can't kill the Guardian of Od Nua. My party is lvl 10 and i'm playing on hard. None of my characters can hit him, i've done the fight 4 times now and it's always him remaining. 

I highlighted the miss on the combat log and it says that his def is 263 and my PC misses him with a -100 roll. I know I could come back and try this later with a higher level group, but i've been told on the steam forums and reddit that it's a bug. 

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There's a defence stacking bug resulting from use of the quick save/quick load feature. It should be fixed in the next patch, which they've said will be out at the end of the month. I guess do something else until then and come back to him if you want to carry on playing, or just wait.

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Hey KStef56,


We do have a fix for this issue in our next patch (3.03). That being said, can you send me your save file so I can verify are fix will be all inclusive. Don't want to leave a stragglers behind.


I got your back


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