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Bug- Battle log shows a lot of misses from my party



​Hi PoE.

​Support see screenshot. I'm doing the siege of Cragholdt. I also bought the new expansion today.

​I cannot kill enemies on this map/ Only a few

​p.s reposting. How do I get approval to have this shown?

- ​Lenardius 


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Thats not a lot of informations to work with - you could post a savegame, you could post why you didnt hit (as in, move your mouse over a miss so we can see the too high defense), there is a Thread about "how to report ab Issue"...


but lets face it, as long as the answer to the following 2 question is: yes... then i can tell you the problem and how to solve it atm.

question 1:

are you playing Version 3,02?

question 2:

did you save/load in that particular area?


if 2 positive answers, the bug is: enemies with shields get increased defense (reflex and deflection) every time you save/load, the bug is (at least patchnotes say so) fixed in 3.03, if you want to patch to 3.03... its only a beta patch at the moment.



If thats not the case... there is no way without more informations

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Hi Theurgist.

Q1) Yes using 3.02

Q2) Yes as you do when you quick save but i cant tell you when or where.


I will try try the beta patch.

Sometimes the Warpriests defence I saw was at 170. I also cannot kill the other merc. Same deal.


Thanks for your help.





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