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Into the Mountains Bugs (x2 or even x3?)



Google Nexus 7, Android 6.0.1


I have two (possibly three?) bugs in "Into the Mountains" which are only showing up when I play on a difficulty level above "baseline".


1 - When a wildcard power says "When you acquire X, Y, or Z, bury a card", it also triggers the scenario "When a hencheman is defeated, each character is dealt 1d4 Force damage." for every character at all locations.


2 - When I defeat a hencheman, after the "1d4 Force damage" to every character bit, I get no option to close the location.


3 (maybe a bug?) - Barriers that summon henchemen (skeletal horde, skinsaw ritual, etc.) also trigger the "When a hencheman is defeated, each character is dealt 1d4 Force damage."


These, in addition to my quests being totally frozen (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87789-quests-completely-frozen/?do=findComment&comment=1821895), makes my game virtually unplayable :(


I really love the Pathfinder ACG, and I really like the Obsidian interface... but I am drowning in these bugs... please help?  Thanks in advance.

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