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Character Advanced Roles

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I am almost finished with the Hook Mountain Massacre and know I will be able to choose advanced role options for my characters. Is there a site that lists these so I can do a bit of research before I have to choose. I've been searching the net and just can't seem to find a list of each character with their two options. (love playing the game on my ipad!!!)


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I play the physical game, and you can "Buy" for free the character sheets for all the characters in the game from paizo.com.  You can go here and scroll down a bit to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Character Sheets towards the left (but not in the side bar).  Add it to your cart (price should be 0) and do what you need to "buy" it (which will include creating an account, but shouldn't include providing a credit card).


Then log into your account, go to My Downloads (link along the top of any paizo page) and download the Rise of the Runelords zip.  You'll find the sheets therein.


Note: There may be minor differences between the powers on these sheets and the powers the characters get in the video game, as some alteration has occurred...

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