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Lost Experienced Characters



I've been cruising along through this excellent game for a couple of weeks now, on a 7" LG tablet. I experience quite a lot of crashes on the tablet, which can be very frustrating. As I was searching through posts today, I saw someone mention an emulator. Since I have a surface pro which cannot download the app naturally, I thought I'd give that a shot. While setting it up, I had the option of syncing with my LG tablet, so I did that. BAM! I had all my experienced characters on the new device. I played several different sessions throughout the day, logging in and out with no issues. Tonight, when I logged ion, I wanted to change my group up a bit. I deleted my party (something I've done several times with no issues) and my experienced characters are all gone. The strange thing is that it deleted the characters that were in the party, AND the ones that weren't. I saw another post farther along in this forum about the same issue, though not on an emulator. Did we ever figure out what happened (and how to reverse it)? Thanks for your time!

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I've encountered a similar situation. I have two devices: Nvidia Shield tablet and Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone. I've been playing Quest Mode on both, no problem. And then both my experienced characters disappeared from the phone. And then, a day or so later, my experienced Kyra disappeared from my tablet (already level 10 or so). I've invested some time in that character and now it's gone on both of my devices, so I can't add her to a party... I think this may be some kind of a sync problem between my devices. So far Story Mode is working without a problem (even working mid-adventure) and copying everything correctly.

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