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the game login, but still ask for login when clicks on Continue





i have a Tablet Galaxy 3, and the game won't login, i tried several times and my game won't login. tried to buy the bundle, but need the login too. even with when i clear the cache of every Play Store app and the pathfinder app, nothing changes. I really want to play the game. ;/

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Hello xknow,


See if this works for you.


1. Enable syncing (can be quickly enabled via sync icon from the Android swipe down menu).

2. Open Google Play Games app

3. Swipe from the left to open Play Games' menu and select 'My Games' (might have to select 'All My Games' on next screen).

4. Select Pathfinder Adventures and then launch the app from the red play button on the right side.

5. You should now be able to log in! (You may have to accept a sync request from the swipe down menu or tap the 'Link Social Gaming Network' button for it to work)



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I have the same problem (I wanted to play on my internet tablet instead of the phone, since it looks better).


I turned the sync on like you advised and started the game from GooglePlay Games. Yet after signing into GooglePlay and displaying my nickname notification, the game shows I am not linked to the social link network. 

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