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Chest Drop Issue? Has anyone unlock these cards in gallery?

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Updated, has anyone seen the Heavyload Belt?

Heavyload Belt (AD1,Item,Epic) appears to exist in the present version, but isn't enumerated by the gallery.  Unlike waaaay earlier in this thread, the gallery now has an idea which cards are "legal" and only displays those. (problem solved!)


Also, whether or not you get a Heavyload Belt in a treasure chest still is up to the magical "Pathfinder treasure server," not the app.  If you aren't seeing it come up, then its either an oversight, or the card isn't ready for prime time.  But it seems deliberate if the card is pulled both from the app and the RNG.

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Hi all!


First of all, thanks for bringing this to my attention. The team has a fixed the issue that is causing cards to be displayed in the Gallery that are not meant to be there. This fix will come out in the next update (which I expect we'll release within a week or so).


The short version is that we generated the data for the cards it is possible to get in the gallery via one table that happened to have all cards we developed (even if incomplete). This was separate from the tables that determine what is included in the Treasure Chests. We now have a better, more cohesive system for doing this. We didn't catch this in our internal bugtesting because we run with more inclusive card drops from our Dev Treasure Chests for testing purposes.Though we regularly look at the live game, we didn't catch this error.


I sincerely apologize on behalf of the team that this caused confusion. I understand that some of you are trying to have the most complete set of cards you can and this bug has frustrated that goal. Let me assure you that we at no time intended to deceive anyone about was available And honestly, it took me a bit to fully wrap my head around how extensive the error was (even though the fix has been straightforward).


As we build more decks (which gives us more tools to use in card creation), we will continue to add to the Treasure Chest card list. Most Uncommon cards require new art and all cards that don't already exist in the physical game require an extensive review process which takes time. The next month or so will see a steady infusion of cards, after which point it will slow down.


I will discuss with the team how to best be transparent about these in the future. In the meantime, I can provide you a list of cards that are visible in the gallery that should NOT be. There are a number reasons these cards may not be released. We don't currently have the tech to do some, the design is incomplete or was not approved by Paizo or myself, or it just needs to be tested and/or fixed before release.


Cards that should NOT appear in the gallery:


Deck B:

Bone Spikes


Available in the next update:

Holy Symbol

Holy Text

Healers Kit

Portable Ram

Potion of Resinous Skin


Spell Component Pouch

Veterinarian's Kit


Silent Enforcer

Blessing Of CaydenCailean

Blessing Of Milani

Favor Of Calistria

Favor Of Sarenrae

Favor Of Shelyn

Favor Of Torag


Deck 1:

Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1

Social Climber

Centipede Venom

Wand Of Flame

Wand Of Lightning Bolt


Available in the next update:

Challenging Shield

Bounty Of Desna

Bounty Of Norgorber

Bounty Of Torag

Doctrine Of Abadar

Engineers Workgloves

Heavyload Belt


Deck 2:


Favor Of Lamashtu

Favor Of The Gods

Black Marsh Spider Venom

Hat Of Glamour

Wand Of Ice

Whet Stone



Available in the next update:

Legion Armor


Deck 3:


Varisian Illusionist

Favor Of Abadar

Bloodroot Poison

Staff Of Healing

Staff Of Improved Healing

Staff Of True Healing


Deck 4:


Nine Lives Stealer


Available in the next update:

Blessing Of Sivanah

Favor Of Norgorber

Warhammer +3


Deck 5:

Belkzen Warchief

Metal Spikes

Aid Of Shelyn

Blessing Of Achaekek

Doctrine Of Calistria

Well Of Many Worlds

Wyvern Poison

Life Leech

Venomous Bolt


Available in the next update:

Death Initiate

Dragon Smiter

Pathfinder Venture-Captain

Spellward Shield

Winged Shield Of Storms

Favor Of Gozreh


Deck 6:



Available in the next update:

Favor Of Nethys


Thank you all for vigilance and your patience.

Nathan Davis


According to Nathan, it should have been included or at least visible in the gallery in the last major patch.


Unless the devs are currently using it...... :yes:

Edited by Archangelrey

Still wait for Patch Banana Bundle :getlost:

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