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Orc's ain't right scenario is hard

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Has anyone noticed the scenario orc's ain't right is really hard I just finished it with 6 character group after on my 15th attempt

Spread your people so you can temp close and minimize blessing loss from Mammy Graul's firs encounter (where she's always undefeated).

Better yet, make sure all chars have some means to Evade (you should probably be doing that regardless of scenario) and just lock Mammy into her lcation when you encounter her. Then you can just close two locations (i.e. you only kill 2 Henchmen that raise Mammy's diffiulty) and spread you heroes back to cover all bases. While you dedicated boss-killer is grinding Mammy's location to find her, you make sure to optimize the other heroes' hands for max support (blessings, ranged weapons, support spells). And yeah, don't throw it all in on her first encounter - I forgot this a couple of times and it cost me the scenario.

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