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Seoni can't cast or use arcane blast



Twice I've had Seoni encounter a combat encounter and not to be able to cast either lightning bolt or use the greater arcane blast ability. This leaves her fighting a combat with d4 strength only which can be blessed but not improved in any other way


Both times lightning bolt was the only spell in her hand at the time.


Playing on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 9 .3 .2. Party consists of Lini, Valeros, Seoni and Seelah.


Playing on heroic difficulty, angel in the tower scenario Location is alone in the temple and she's encountered the scarecrow golem. Wild power is banes difficulty increased by three.

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Some monsters in the game -- like the Scarecrow Golem -- are immune to the Attack trait. Which means they are immune to Seoni's blast, as well as her combat spells, as all of these have the Attack trait. This is by design.

You have to plan for this possibility. Seoni should carry Invisibility, and/or the Medusa Mask, so she can evade the rare monster she can't fight well. 


Otherwise, you're pouring on Gorums, and hopefully have some ranged characters in the party (ideally Harsk), to help her beat the thing with d4s. It can be done.

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