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Starknives and Finesse Questions

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I'm looking for a little clarification and/or advice as to the actual purpose of the Starknife card.  You get it by rolling dex/ranged, but it triggers a str/melee attack when used?  The mismatch means you snag it with dex, but then toss it to a warrior-type to off-hand wield it?


Also is Finesse going to mean something at some point?  It would have been awesome to have Finesse weapons allow for either Str/Melee or Dex-based attacks so the rogues/hunters/etc have more options open to them for weapon use.  Kind of like they're meant to be.  I'm kind of surprised they weren't originally designed that way.  I read somewhere that Finesse is part of the cards because they wanted to make sure they had tags set in case they wanted to use it for anything later, and that kind of makes sense, except that Finesse was sort of already established as a Thing in the tabletop RPG and it didn't seem like it would have been too hard to wrangle that mechanic into the cards, too.  Are there any plans for this?


I just want to see my monk use a starknife, and not suck with it, that's all.  :<

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Many rogues and a few other characters from later sets have a power that lets them gain a Melee skill that is based on Dex when wielding Finesse weapons. I guess they weren't sure how to use this yet in RotR, but put Finesse on the weapons anyways to be safe for the future.


The Starknife is still a very strange weapon though. All the other Finesse weapons you still acquire with Str/Melee.

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