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Caltrops does not defeat enemies



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Aha, I see the issue. Yuriy, what you're missing is the phrase "encounter or evade?" written in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when the Sinspawn first appears. If you use the caltrops then, then you'll only evade the monster. You have to encounter the monster, then use caltrops to defeat it -- which means that, for the Sinspawn, you need to make that dang wisdom 6 check. :)

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You missed something. :)


Caltrops will only defeat a monster whose highest difficulty to defeat is 9 or below; if the monster's check is 14 or below, caltrops will only evade the monster.


Wrathful Sinspawn have a difficulty of 9. However, before you act, you have to make a wisdom 6 check or the difficulty of your checks is harder by 1 for the rest of the turn. I'm guessing you failed that check (or a similar check earlier in the turn), causing your Sinspawn's difficulty to get bumped to 10, preventing caltrops from defeating the monster.

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So that was before the encounter phase. You should have waited for the combat phase... I supose. Hawkmoon can ansver this one better.

The timing issues Are not my strongest area in this game.


But if I am not wrong the timing is

evade Window

Before encounter effects

Encounter the card

After encounter.

Or something similar. Have to google those phases somewhere...

In anyway you used the caltrops in the evade Window when you should have waited the encounter the card phase and that was after that wisdom check.






And this


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