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I picked this early-access up on GoG the other day. It's the first time I've ever paid for early access, and I'm quite pleased. The melee combat mechanics of this game are awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it--serious fun! I was initial drawn by the appearance that it might be a proper gothic dungeon crawler, and I was correct. The music and ambient sound needs some help, but the dangerous dark is splendid.


The combat is brutal, sophisticated, and gripping. I'm very excited to see where this game goes. Has anyone else out there given it a try?

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Oh nice, that looks worth following, wishlisted. I don't usually buy stuff in Early Access (not because of some moral objections - I just don't want to burn out on a game before it's even feature complete), but I might make an exception - how far into development is it? Is the game still missing a lot of features?

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I'm keeping an eye on it because of the unusual innovations it promises. Have they implemented a thrusting mechanic in the swordplay yet? I was a little disappointed to see only swinging in the early versions, as the thrust seems a far more obligatory attack. It reminds one of the first Diablo game ambience wise, which is no bad thing of course.

Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

I've seen things you people can't even imagine. Pearly Kings glittering on the Elephant and Castle, Morris Men dancing 'til the last light of midsummer. I watched Druid fires burning in the ruins of Stonehenge, and Yorkshiremen gurning for prizes. All these things will be lost in time, like alopecia on a skinhead. Time for tiffin.


Tea for the teapot!

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I was instantly reminded of the original Diablo as well. The dungeon is definitely grim and dark. Did I say it was dark? If you don't have a torch, good luck seeing much of anything in most of the areas. Combat has come a long was since the kickstarter. There are fore-swings, back-swings, thrusts, and overheard swings. You can target high various elevations on a person, like the legs or head and everything in between. There is even unarmed combat. I've had some hilariously brutal hits when doing a lunging uppercut from a crouched position like Ken from Street Fighter.


This game is a blast. It is difficult, very difficult. The combat nuances are intricate. Stick with it if you try it, it's so worth it. Now I'm just very eagerly awaiting the input of magic. They're going to be implementing it the proper way--by providing you with an effect and letting you apply it as you see fit. In the presentation videos, they demonstrate using a phasing effect to not only avoid swings in melee, but blinking a guard off of a tower and steal his uniform.

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In a sense the goal is to better simulate melee combat, yes. I only had a few clumsy experiences with Die by the Sword in PC shops as a kid, but yea. It takes it far beyond that though. Once understood, the controls are simple by powerful. The armor and hit system are extraordinarily meticulous. I've taken down knights that far outclassed me because my weapon luckily found a gap in their armor, and lost some for the same reason. Footwork, parrying, riposte, timing, it's all there. The interesting thing is that it's all physics based. Factors like weight and balance are of extreme important in weapons and armor. Once they start incorporating magic into this thing--it's going to be on a whole other level. Hence the name, Sui Generis (Latin: "A class of it's own".)

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