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Hi, got a question...


Which is the difference between the Vault and the Gallery?


My guess 'till now was that the Gallery is the "collection" of all of your cards, while the Vault is exclusive to a given party. Is this correct?


Which is the difference between "Treasure On/Off" and "Available" Displays? And what is the meaning of the numbers at the bottom of each kind of card?

Copies, Copies (including your current deck), Available, Lootable, Random Drop Probability...?


I saw no tutorial/explanation on this topic. Thnx ahead!

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Gallery - all the cards in your collection

Vault - All the cards currently available to the party for the adventure/scenario they are running (Gallery Cards) - (Cards from later Adventures) - (Cards in Character decks) - (Banished cards if in the middle of a scenario)

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a) So if i got for example, 12 Shortswords +1 and i want to minimice the chance of getting those Ss +1, should I Salvage them?


b) Got some Treasure chest cards. How do i collect them?


c) I got no Aldern Foxglove (i think i discarded him), nor Stalker Mask (easter egg) after completing the Foul Misgivings on Normal Mode. Did i lost him (or the Mask) forever?


d) Are some cards limited in number anyway? (F.e: Max 1 Ilsoari Gandethus, 2 Spyglasses, and so...)

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a) Probably


b)  If you opened the chest, you got them automatically.  No further action is necessary on your part.  They will be added to your "box" and encountered normally.


c)  I don't think there's another way to get the mask, but it's not that great a card, so, don't worry about it.  If you start adventure 1 again (I don't know if you'll need fresh characters), you'll probably get Aldern again and can try keeping him for the appropriate Scenario where you can get the mask.


d)  Yes and no.  When the app builds your vault for each Scenario, it will only include so many of a given card.  But your experienced characters can come together from multiple parties, and thus could bring together multiples of otherwise unique cards.  I'm unsure if the characters' card inventory actually affects the vault's inventory.

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"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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Indeed, i can confirm i got 2 Pong of Zarongel's in my party decks (which is cool guy) but it'll be better if they were 2 Ilsoari's...


Writing "2 Pongs" sounds hilarious...


Edit: just realized his name's "Poog"...

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