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Completing Quest but didn't get gold



This has happened to me twice so far..

I'd complete a quest and it will then show me that I gained no gold but also that I currently have 0 gold.

Fortunately, I didn't lose my gold but I'm not sure if I got the gold (100) for completing the quest..


Anyone report this issue yet?


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Just happened to me.


Something wonky is going on.  Was fine yesterday.


Now, when I click the Quest mode, the rewards under all three difficulty shows nothing.  It use to show 100 g, 150g, and whatever was for legendary.

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Op, if you are referring to quest mode completion upon which you get zero,gold , then it's could be a bug or a temporal disconnect from paizo/ gamecenter / play store. As I mentioned to some other poster with same issue , when I encounter that , there's no notice like in game when you get informed of disconnect and won't get the due gold. The workaround for me at the screen where you get no gold is to first back up the save folder of the game in case save file gets corrupted , and than you exit the app. Restart the game, click on quest mode and you should get back to reward screen and should see the gold reward.


Hope it works for you. It works on my iPad .


If your problem is pertaining story mode gold reward then refer to the above gentlemen's answer

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