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Question about Season Pass and Gold

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Hello there, I know this question was already asked many times, but I would like to get more details about it.

I decided to buy the Season Pass because I really wanted to support this game. It is definitely very well coded, the graphic is great, and the gameplay is excellent as well. 

However, having unlocked everything, I feel myself lacking an objective. (I mean, unlocking things with gold is COOL!)

Is there anything I can do with the gold I'm accumulating?

Is it true that some cards are available only though the treasure chests or even if I open some chests I already have "all" the cards available?

Should I just accumulate gold and leave it there for future characters/expansions?

Thanks for your input.

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The season pass includes all of the adventure decks, characters, and promos as they get released for Rise of the Runelords

So, you can use your gold for Treasure chests.  Treasure chests have cards that are not part of the season pass.  If you go into your Gallery, you can see cards with ? on them - most of those will be Treasure chest cards that you have not acquired yet.

Each treasure chest comes with 4 cards and you are guaranteed a Rare or better card in that pack.  There are 4 types or rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

So, attaining all the cards in the game will take a lot of Treasure chests and luck!


I am not sure if you can save your Gold and use it on a future Release like Skulls & Shackles or the gold is tied to just to this current adventure: RotR



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If I have to ques Skull and shacles will be individual game and this gold can not be used to that game. But They may release even more cards to the treasure chests so They may be good investement.

There will be Also some special customizations and Ingame stuff that most propably will come to the store. Don't want to spoil but there has been hints about some items. :-)

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