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No Adventure Reward for Black Fang's Dungeon?



Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I am confused. I am under the impression I completed Black Fang's dungeon but I did not get a chance to choose the 'skill feat' that is implied that characters get in the 'adventure rewards' listed.


Screenshots or it didn't happen:

Black Fang's Dungeon - complete?


Merisel - Black Fang's Dungeon incomplete?



Kyra - Black Fang's Dungen incomplete?



In the above screenshots of the characters, it looks like there might be a square overlapping the check mark of the third scenario?


It feels like that I did complete the legendary difficulties of all 3 of the scenarios? Would that imply that I completed the adventure? Or am I missing something?


I've played through a few times and it's entirely possible that one or both of the characters died during gameplay, so would it be related to the '- If a character dies in a scenario, they will not get rewards on a subsequent playthrough.' known issue?

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