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Lots of issues, things incorrectly reset





So I have a bunch of errors that are only "sorta" affecting the game. Maybe it is a corrupt save file? I don't know.


Issues I've seen:


 - E has the bubble to talk with me, but doesn't really; can't make it go away.

 - Palace messenger keeps telling me he is leaving, but doesn't... and I have done that quest line twice now (fighting at Yenwood)

 - Robed men (including older Robed Man) reappeared at Cilant Lis.


That's not a comprehensive list.


Attached a saved game. 

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Hey Zinners,


Welcome to the forums! It sounds like you have a corrupt save, but we wont know until we take a look. Could you please upload a save file and an output log via dropbox so Sking can take a look when he gets back from vacation? 


If you are playing on Steam, try verifying your game cache and see if that works.



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Hi. Ah, I attached a copy but didn't realize you needed a link.  Okay, here is one:




I am playing on Steam and trying verifying my game cache - everything was okay.


I expect that it IS my saved game... based off everything I've read.  I'm hoping you can fix it and send it back to me versus me just having to restart or live with it.

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