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Passing cards between character hands. Huge Bug \cheat


Pretty serious graphic bug. if not an outright cheat. I searched forums but I didnt' find anything like this mentioned elsewhere. sorry if its a duplicate post.  I didn't leave my game state in an invalid or cheating setup because i'm afraid of corrupting the game state some how, but this could be exploited  to make the game easier.

On an android device(unknown flavor) With Harsk in the woods and Meri in the General Store doing the scenario "Local Heroes" on hardest Setting(Legendary?)  I went to discard a Blessing of  Erastil on Hark.  While I was dragging the blessing from his hand (had the card selected and dragging ) I then selected Meri's portrait from my group (she is position 1, harsk is position 4)    I was then able to drag my finger back into Meri's hand, and drop the blessing of Erastil into her hand.  Effectively passing cards from one character to another in different zones, for free whenever I want.  I've done this with every card in each of their hands.

when you select the different character, the card that has focus, and is being dragged has visibility = false, however it is still on the cursor, so if I don't pickup my finger i was dragging it with, I can mouse over the inactive characters hand and release the press (mouse up??)  and drop into their hand.  Looks like when you change party focus you need to reset the active card back into the previous character's hand, not just set visible =false. Or something like that.


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